Thursday, October 1, 2015

Leave Hate Behind Reflection

The Leave Hate Behind program has been an deeply, emotional way for students to share what they have been through as they go about their life. Bullying is a serious topic and it begins with name-calling. People usually do not think of how hurtful the words are that they use on a daily basis. I understand that there is freedom of speech and expression, but there is also respect for the human beings as a whole. The program opens my eyes to the new words that people come up with to degrade another person. The evolution and the backgrounds of these words are baffling. I can recall from the Leave Hate Behind program last spring, a student explained to me what a "sand n***a" was. It was a derogatory term used to insult darker people of a Middle Eastern descent. The origin of the derogatory term is from America and how the whites of the time, used this term, to keep African Americans down. But, how the person evolved this term to degrade this student was powerful. So much strength and courage was displayed by these students that participated from this program. It was so empowering to see people leave these types of words in the past and look toward a better future that encourages respect for all. Thank you to those that came out and supported CHARGE and this program we put on in hopes of educating and empowering students.

Carmel Joseph, CPE for Alumni Quad