Wednesday, May 4, 2016

CHARGE comes to an end

The CHARGE program for the 2015-2016 is coming to a close and it is bittersweet. It is bitter because some of the CPE are graduating and leaving the CHARGE programs. It is sweet because they are graduating and moving to the next step of their lives. But this year had more ups than downs. There was a chance taken on me and I took full advantage of it. If I had to give advice to anyone coming into CHARGE or anyone that gets a 2nd or even 3rd chance: Take advantage of it. Prove people wrong. Prove it to yourself. I came in with my reputation slandered because of a semester of work or non work. But I was able to come into my own under the CHARGE program and I thank Leiry for taking a chance on ya boy.

My favorite program is the program that myself and Kadeija hosted called "The real Negus". It was about the history and usage of the N word whether it is with ER or A or GUS. The reason why it is my favorite program because my fraternal brother came and spoke about the history with citations and receipts that he brought to his professors at Stony Brook university. Just hearing the breakdown of the word and history enlightened me. It wasn't he said or she said. It was facts and that caused me to stop my usage of the N-word. CHARGE is known for programs like this and that is why I love being CHARGE. We were able to bring that to the school and those who attended. When you come to a CHARGE program you know will learn something.

-Simba Ravilus

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