Wednesday, May 4, 2016

CHARGE End of the Year Reflection

Although I just started working for the CHARGE program, this initiative is something that already holds a special place in my heart. The first dialogue that I hosted with CPE Vanessa was called #After911 and this was an insightful experience because of how I was able to walk away knowing that when students are engaged, its amazing how different ideas flow and really build a conversation. The end of the year CHARGE event was also a program that I really enjoyed because of how all the CPE's were able to collaborate and create a truly meaningful event. Everyone who was present, definitely walked away with greater knowledge on what CHARGE really is and why our mission is so imperative for the campus community.
I look forward to being a CPE next year and making the end of the year CHARGE event bigger and better than it already was! There is so much potential that CHARGE has and with the right outreach I can't wait to see what next semester will bring!

Until next time,
CPE Subha, Colonial Quad

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