Wednesday, September 30, 2015

For the leave the hate program I thought it was truly powerful. My favorite part was getting closer to the ending because there this one girl was really passionate about covering the word faggot. She was like faggot I hate that word. She was going hard. In terms of changes I would have it on a different quads so it could affect more people. Also to make it better invite faculty to stop by. It's truly powerful to see students getting fired up. It is truly appreciating to see. 

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Introducing CPE Carmel Joseph

Hello, my name is Carmel Joseph and I am the CHARGE Peer Educator for Alumni Quad. I am a 19 year old senior at UAlbany on the pre-law track. My major is Political Science with a concentration in Public Law and I am minoring in History. I cannot exactly pin point when it was that I became so interested in law, but it is my passion. I am heavily intrigued by civil law and constitutional rights of people in the United States. Lately, the rights of many people were denied or completely forgotten about in general. My hopes, while in CHARGE, are to bring wisdom and a sense of enlightenment to other students seeking a better understanding of how others view the world around them. As a returning CHARGE Peer Educator, I have been a part of and witnessed the change in someone as they learn a new lifestyle and gain rich education from other students that are on campus. The experiences from the dialogues and programming CHARGE has done, has honestly opened my mind up to a lot of amazing ideas and cultures that I did not think about or consider beforehand. I am a busy bee, but I always can make time to meet and talk about different topics or just general conversations. I do live downtown, so when I am uptown I am up there for an extended period of time. Say hello when you see me!

Introducing CPE Michelle DeOcampo

     Hello everyone! My name is Michelle DeOcampo, and I am the CHARGE Peer Educator for Colonial Quad. I’m a senior majoring in Globalization and Social Welfare. I studied abroad in Cambodia during my sophomore year, and have also spent time in the Philippines. I also studied Mandarin and Tagalog during my junior year. When I’m not on Colonial Quad, you can find me around campus organizing advocacy campaigns as President of UAlbany Peace Action, interning at the Global Institute for Health and Human Rights, or volunteering with locally resettled refugees. I discovered my passion for social justice through my firsthand experiences in the developing world, and that passion grew as I experienced the diversity of our campus. As a CPE, I hope to get students in touch with their inner sense of humanity and equality, and to challenge us all to be agents of change in everyday ways. I encourage you all to utilize CHARGE as an outlet to voice your thoughts on hot topic issues, a vehicle to challenge non-inclusive norms, and a resource to learn about all the individualities that make our community unique. There is beauty and strength in our differences, and I look forward to helping you connect with the diversity of our campus!

Introducing CPE Karl Ravilus

Hello Everyone. My name is Karl S. Ravilus and I am your new CHARGE Peer Educator for State Quad. My nickname is Simba which I prefer over Karl. I am currently a Psychology major. Things to best understand me is that I am a fourth year student, had 3 different position on residential life, was president/founder of the Campus Programming Board, and I am a part of MALIK Fraternity Incorporated,  I love sports and I am on the club wrestling team at the school. Personality wise I believe that I am friendly and I get passionate about things and people think I am upset but I am not.

I am taking this class from long island, New York. The valley Stream area. I lived in 3/5 boroughs after I moved to America from Haiti. I represent Staten Island the most because it gets no love. It is small but it has some wonderful people there. Looking forward towards a great year.