Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Introducing CPE Karl Ravilus

Hello Everyone. My name is Karl S. Ravilus and I am your new CHARGE Peer Educator for State Quad. My nickname is Simba which I prefer over Karl. I am currently a Psychology major. Things to best understand me is that I am a fourth year student, had 3 different position on residential life, was president/founder of the Campus Programming Board, and I am a part of MALIK Fraternity Incorporated,  I love sports and I am on the club wrestling team at the school. Personality wise I believe that I am friendly and I get passionate about things and people think I am upset but I am not.

I am taking this class from long island, New York. The valley Stream area. I lived in 3/5 boroughs after I moved to America from Haiti. I represent Staten Island the most because it gets no love. It is small but it has some wonderful people there. Looking forward towards a great year.

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