Monday, May 2, 2016

End of year Spring 2016

This Semester has been pretty Charge'D up . With countless amounts of different programs as well as supporting other programs there was plenty to do. This semester ended with a bang as we successfully pulled off our first large end of the year program centered all around awareness and giving people a night in CHARGE. The experience of this semester was honestly unlike any other the programs we honested, dialogues that made a large impact and truly starting to make a footprint on this campus. My favorite program this Semester was the end of the year program "Charge'D for change" I truly enjoyed this program because of the perseverance and the way it all came together. This program was thoughtfully assembled and truly embodied every piece that makes us charge and that supports what we do. In future years, I do know that with more time and truly more resources available to us this will continue to be one of the most memorable nights for charge and for those who get impacted by our events. Being a peer educator myself seeing the program come to light was moving for myself  is the least I can say. Keep being #CHARGE'Dforchange!

- CPE Vanessa

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