Sunday, May 24, 2015

Dear New CPE... by Carmel Joseph

As a returner of the new and revamped CHARGE Peer Educators model of Residential Life, there are a couple of concerns and tips I have coming into the new academic year. This past academic was a wild one. The CHARGE job description changed on more than one occasion along with our supervisors. It makes it difficult to adjust when things are rapidly changing. With that said, these concerns can be taken as tips to run a smoother and more successful year.

1.      I feel as a way to promote our brand more, there should be at least some type of dialogue, program, or program collaboration with CHARGE happening in each quad. We should have our large scale programs set in advance in the beginning of the academic year with a rain date set just in case. It makes it a lot easier when things are planned and organized.
2.      CHARGE Peer Educators should be more involved in their quads and staff members. We should all be doing the same thing with the same expectations set because it doesn’t help when students ask us what we do and who we are and there is no clear answer about it since we are all doing something different. This is very important because it ruins our branding.
3.      We REALLY need these CHARGE freebies to hand out because it is a good way to sell ourselves. People don’t stop by at our table just to hear us speak. They give us their time, we give them a prize. This should be figured out during training week so we have them during the school year.
4.      When we brainstorm ideas that people seem to agree on, we need to make a point of committing to these programs or ideas.

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