Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Rise with Refugees


Last Week CHARGE was invited to table in LC's by Peace Action to raise awareness regarding refugees, the event was able to educate me on the issue at hand and how impactful this truly is. The most present issue is the matter of syrian refugees and whether or not America should allow these refugees into the country. Even though I am not well versed on the topic one conclusion I was able to settle on is that If people need help, then we should help. I know the matter may not be as black and white as I would love to make it but, if you see someone who was injured on the floor I would hope the inate reaction would be to help. If someone was being threatened, I would hope the first reaction would be get them some help, or call the cops. I see the same thought processes on the matter of refugees they are living in a dangerous place where even their lives are at risk. If calling the cops is offering them selter in the United States I would love to urge this country to open those doors, offer them selter. Even though there may be challenges posed in this, I believe if we set a goal we can all find a way to make it work.

Thinking Optimistically,
CPE Vanessa

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