Monday, March 7, 2016


Dear Black Girls of UAlbany,

I hope that you feel the equality that is perpetuated on this campus. Even though some intrinsically embedded racism still lies in the hearts of individuals, I pray that like our ancestors in the past we can overcome this as well. With the incident that occurred on campus, I know many felt hurt, scared, and even upset.  As light has begun to shed on the incident I  can understand many still feel hurt, scared and upset. I write this letter to let you know that any feelings that you have felt are valid and true. I believe the true underlying issue here is the pain and discrimination that we may have all felt at one point or another for the color of your skin. Potentially being mocked that "she got a weave, that ain't her hair" or "black girls always ready to fight". These are legitimate stereotypes and stigmas that are taken upon our society that we live in. I do not sit here permeating support for those who may or may not have spoken untrue stories, but I do sit here supporting black girls all over as we are looked at as violent, lowest on totem pole, and constantly held back from achieving more. My one word of advice is Rise above and keep rising. Those who wish us to fail will only ever be silenced by success. So, to my beautiful Black Girls do not fear to love yourself, do not fear your own potential, and do not fear imagination that is beyond this world. Be Simply Amazing.

Your Truly,
C.P.E Vanessa

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